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We train people to think like world-class CEOs,

getting everyone headed in the same direction.

We train people to think like world-class CEOs,

getting everyone headed in the same direction.

But, how can you get departments excited to work together?

In meeting after meeting, collaboration breaks down because each department speaks a different language.  This miscommunication is costly.  It builds silos, and it's the key reason projects fail and people quit.  Everyone loses focus.

As the standards body of general management, we train CEOs and managers in every department to use the same simple language, tools and practices in planning, decisions and projects.  Join us—and help people achieve great things together!  Scroll down to learn about The GMs Index and The GMs Toolkit.

Welcome to the Center

Anyone who has or aspires to a general management role will understand the importance of using standard language and tools.  This video (1:05) summarizes this breakthrough in clarity and consistency. Click How To Start to see what's relevant to you.

Make meetings exciting and short

In 15 minutes, our 1/4-Page Meeting Planner (our simplest tool) lets everyone bring 3 focused and informed questions into every meeting.  It’s a great reputation to have.  The key is learning how to take the CEO’s perspective.  Here’s the PDF and instructions.

An unstoppable culture of collaboration

It feels great to be part of a team that's making a difference.  The Center can give you the tools, terms and training that build an unstoppable culture of collaboration.

Collaborate efficiently

CEOs hate having to referee departmental miscommunications.  Our GMs Index of Terms gets everybody speaking the same language.  It puts on one screen a hierarchy of the standard definitions, discussion questions and approved resources.

Delegate with confidence

If everyone uses the same tools and terms, executives can be confident projects will be on time, on budget and yield the promised ROI.  Our GMs Toolkit holds fourteen standardized 1-page tools that lets cross-functional teams perform—and report on—their best work.

Dependable resources and valuable connections

"I'd used the Center's Index of Terms and Toolkit for our planning, so I was looking forward to their local CEO Roundtable Intensives.  I've rarely seen 20 executives as engaged.  The Center gives us the practical tools we need and reliable resources for growth and succession." - Ed Purcell, President, Vertical Greenwalls

Think like a great CEO

Our members are leaders and managers who set inspiring goals and get people organized.  Our terms, tools and training let every department understand each other's contributions and stay focused.  This enables efficient cross-functional work.

Career development

We train or coach new and mid-career managers in development and succession plans.  We also support chief executives in strategic planning.  Membership provides career-long access to peers through our workgroups.  We often create custom training programs.

Low-cost trial

New members often start by clicking through the Index, attending a public workshop or trying one tool from the Toolkit.  Please email or call to discuss how to try these services.

Organizations that have used our tools and Index:

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