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We are a community of capable and caring managers.

We believe management is a calling.

In our Workgroups, CEO Intensives and Bootcamp cohorts, members use the standard terms, tools and practices of management to enable clear communication and meaningful collaboration. Because people love to be included in something bigger than themselves.

Career-Long Communities

We have peer groups for every stage of your career.  In every group, members help each other tackle real problems, and their ideas are shared in our Best Practices and Management as a Calling blogs.


You can't get on the same page if you're not speaking the same language and using the same tools.  We are the standards body for general management: see The GMs Index of Terms and The GMs Toolkit.


From our introductory programs (see Training) to our General Management Bootcamp, we work in small cohorts to find practical solutions to real problems.  Being  in a peer community makes learning stick.

Get everyone aligned and inspired

"Using the Center's GM Index and Toolkit broke our cycle of redundant meetings and reinvention.  It let me 'reward' people with team projects that really make a difference.  Our Gross Margin is substantially better." - Ed Purcell, President, Vertical Greenwalls

Collaborate effectively

Our Milwaukee Model of Leader Development clearly defines the leader/manager's job. It identifies what they must know to collaborate in core decisions and advance their careers.  It includes a self-assessment.

Delegate confidently

Using the same terms and tools lets cross-functional teams perform and report on their best work.  CEOs know projects will be on time, in budget and provide the promised return.  Executives are freed to focus on the big issues.

Start easily

We're happy to answer your questions!

Make meetings work

Conscientious leader/managers know the importance of starting every meeting by agreeing on terms and asking good questions.  The video (1:05) summarizes this breakthrough in clarity.

Get measurable results

Listen to five Center members tell how they measurably--and substantially--improved sales, productivity, quality, customer satisfaction and retention. (Lubar podcast series)

Offer careers with a cause

Being a good manager is hard.  It takes practical skills, compassion and quiet strength.  But the rewards are great:  helping people feel included, respected and proud.  Who wouldn't want to work at a company with bosses like that?

Organizations that have used The Index and The Toolkit:

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