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Peer groups and support for each stage of your management career

Costs of Unengaged Employees

Unengaged employees hold everyone back.  They don’t communicate, collaborate or innovate.  They make mistakes, upset customers and suppliers—and then quit.  An organization must have everyone working together to get the big things done.

Management is a Calling

Our members believe the proper way to engage employees is with meaningful work in a culture of respect.  Good bosses never abuse their power but use it to help others reach their goals. Be the boss everyone wants to work for!

A Community of Competent and Compassionate Managers

We run structured peer groups for all three stages of our members’ careers: as manager, executive and CEO.  Community members learn from each other by tackling live technical and ethics issues.  We are life-long learners.

"A Career-Critical Conversation"

"My Workgroup at The Center helped me craft the three ‘Hard to Ask’ questions that our management team used to make a really tough decision.  The Workgroup peers listened carefully and gave me both the ideas and the confidence to lead this career-critical conversation." – Susan Dineen, Marketing Director at ACS


Run in small cohorts, General Management Bootcamp teaches the 1-page tools and logic for 10 core decisions.  By working on live issues together, they develop business acumen and learn to work cross-functionallyBrochure


In Best Practice Workgroups, members support each other throughout their careers by solving practical and ethical problems.  The peers choose the topic and a facilitator helps them apply their experience. WorkgroupsBlog

CEO Intensives

After a 20-minute peer setup on a topic chosen by the group, the chief executives explore provocative questions at 5-person tables with a facilitator at each.  Discussions are confidential.  75 minutes.  Events

Measurable Results

Listen to five Center members tell how they measurably and substantially improved sales, productivity, quality, customer satisfaction and retention. (Lubar podcast series)

Effective Meetings

Good managers run meetings that are focused, collaborative, exciting and decisive.  The video (1:05) summarizes why using the standard terms and tools is so important.

Services and Benefits


We are the standards body for general management.  Using the global terms, tools and practices lets everyone communicate and collaborateGMs Index and GMs Toolkit

Leadership Development

At each career stage, getting confidential coaching on sensitive issues is the best way to develop leadership skills and improve emotional intelligenceTrainingBlog

Focus and Delegation

Our strategic, succession and project planning give teams focus and priorities. Plans show how people need each other.  They let CEOs delegate with confidenceServices

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Use The GMs Index as a checklist for meeting prep or budget review

Study The Code of Managerial Power

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