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Without a common set of tools and terms, people work at cross-purposes, get frustrated and even quit.  Miscommunication wastes at least 10%* of time and payroll.  It is the key reason projects fail.

We give managers the practical tools and knowledge they need to work cross-functionally.

Our kit of 1-page management tools is written in a standard language so departments can communicate and collaborate: see The GM's Toolkit and The CMTP Index.  A culture of collaboration busts silos, avoids costly errors and attracts talented people.

We are the standards body for general management, born out of a pilot with the US Small Business Administration.  Our terms, tools and training have been tested by hundreds of managers from large and small organizations in every sector.

As a manager, you can execute your work knowing you have clear priorities and the informed support of every department.   As an executive, you can delegate with confidence to well-rounded managers who collaborate on their own.  If you manage a franchise or dealer network, you can be confident they have strong management skills and are sharing best practices.

  * From Forbes:  "Wasting Time At Work: The Epidemic Continues.Cheryl Conner.  July 2015

Specializing in Generalists

In this age of specialists, our members are generalists:  responsible for coordinating decisions among all departments.  Our terms, tools and training help everyone head in the same direction.  We are a community of learners.

Members often start with our Table of Priorities™ or two-hour Question Map training.

Breakthrough in Clarity

The CMTP Index is the first standard framework for general management. It puts clear definitions, rated resources and best practices onto one screen.  It’s a library, a utility and a curriculum for management development.

As our first member said, Now I'm sure we're not missing anything!

Clarity.   Confidence.   Collaboration.


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