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Coaching for Experienced Managers

Everyone needs a coach.  - Bill Gates

We provide individual, confidential coaching for experienced managers.  They might be recently promoted or part of a succession plan and have the title of Executive Officer, or Division, Regional, Product or Branch Manager.  They have clear P&L responsibilities and, therefore, need to work cross-functionally.   


They have in common chronic curiosity about how things connect, inside and outside their organization.  They are systems thinkers.  People new to management might want to participate instead in our workshops or general training programs. 

“I had been promoted because of my operational expertise, but when I got a Regional Manager slot, I had to think about my knowledge gaps.  I realized you can’t learn about general management just from management meetings, and I didn’t have the time or money for an MBA.  Derrick’s coaching not only helped me fast-track my career but helped me serve my team and company much better.”


We can fit most people’s needs and schedules, but we require a serious commitment.  Our first meeting is about the client’s backgrounds, aspiration and needs.  If coach and client agree to continue, we then meet monthly for a year, with mid-month check-ins.  The client completes what they agreed to do and prepares for each meeting with discussion questions.  The coach’s role is not solve problems, but to ask provocative questions, suggest resources and provide encouragement. All this work is on “live” issues, making coaching self-funding.


  • Working knowledge of all six management functions (see Level 1 of the GM's Index)
  • Tools for cross-functional planning, analysis and project management (see the GM’s Toolkit)
  • Where to find general management resources, to be a life-long learner
  • Communications skills, particularly writing and presenting for clarity and persuasion
  • The “3C” characteristics of leadership:  courage, curiosity, compassion (article)


We believe silos get built and communication breaks down because people have not been shown how each department contributes.  How can people appreciate each other if they do not really know all that they do?


People who have received our coaching can help everyone achieve great things and help build a genuine culture of collaboration.  This makes organizations unstoppable.


Meet our coaching staff hereContact us to learn more.

We help people achieve great things together.


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