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The event calendar shows upcoming club events. Select a view then use the navigation buttons to move between dates. Click on the event to view more information, including the event description, times, location, fees and any rules regarding attendance; you can also register for events from this screen. Click on the magnifying glass on the toolbar to see search and filter options.

Future Events

March, 2019

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Acquisitions and mergers are among a leaders riskiest and most difficult challenges. Failure is common and public. Hear from Lisa Reardon, CEO of OwnersEdge, a holding company whose success hinges on managing genuine integration.

April, 2019

The Alliant Energy Center
Kegonsa Room (2nd floor) Check monitors
7:15 AM
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Technological advances mean we now need to fundamentally reinvent our products, services and processes every 2-4 years. Change is familiar--but not at this amplitude and frequency. Learn from peers how to think about management in a whole new way

May, 2019

The Alliant Energy Center (Kegonsa Room)
8:00 AM
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Stepping up from specialist to generalist means learning how to work cross-functionally. You need the language, tools and practical knowledge to get all the management disciplines to work together. In short, you have to think like a CEO. This work

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