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Miscommunication wastes at least 10%* of time and payroll.  It is the key reason projects fail and people quit. Silos build and collaboration falls apart.

Helping generalists drive collaboration

We are a professional development organization, helping managers get people from every department to collaborate efficiently.  We focus on pragmatics and work at every level:

     Facilitating executives in strategic planning and big decisions
     Coaching middle managers, perhaps as part of a succession plan
     Training new general managers, including franchisees and dealers (link)

"The Center’s Management Self-Assessment tool provided extraordinary results. After the short training, our management team spotted both our gaps and strengths and then agreed quickly on the priorities. It was a morale boost: one manager said, ‘Now I see how what I do helps you guys!’"

Building a lasting culture of collaboration

A culture of collaboration generates excitement, sparks innovation and attracts talented people looking for meaningful work.   But true collaboration is impossible unless everyone is sharing practical tools, a common language and a body of knowledge. These come together in The General Managers' Toolkit and The General Manager's Index of Terms.

  Getting everyone on the same page

The General Manager’s Toolkit holds 1-page tools for planning, analysis and project management. It is continually refined by hundreds of managers in large and small businesses. Each tool is in our standard language, making communication easier.

Our members dislike complexity and constant reinvention.

The General Manager’s Index of Terms puts on one screen a common-sense hierarchy of definitions, rated resources and best practices. More than just a library, it is a standard framework for decision-making, learning and knowledge management.

The GM’s Index of Terms lets managers speak the same language.

Are you satisfied with the collaboration in your organization? 
Contact us or attend a workshop to learn more.

* From Forbes:  "Wasting Time At Work: The Epidemic Continues.Cheryl Conner.  July 2015

Clarity.   Confidence.   Collaboration.


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