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How to Start

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.  Mark Twain

Standards-Based Management

Standards-Based Management(tm) (SBM) is a system that starts simply and scales infinitely.  It works because it gets everyone using the standard terms, tools and practices techniques of management.  Contact the Center to get help getting started.


First, click through The GMs Index and watch the 1-minute "How  to Use" video.  The Basic Toolkit below lets everyone communicate, collaborate and delegate.  Click the thumbnails for samples and simple instructions and refer to The Index as you go.  Just starting will help everyone work together!

The Basic Toolkit

Meeting Planner

The 1/4-Page Meeting Planner lets you bring smart questions and sharp focus to every meeting.  Used with The GMs Index, you'll develop the key habit of defining your terms and asking good questions.  You'll avoid re-invention.

Goal Tree

The 1-page Goal Tree is a strategic plan.  It will clarify priorities and purpose and let executives delegate with confidence.  Other tools in The GMs Toolkit can enrich  the Tree, but start by just setting the top three Performance Goals.

Projects Summary

Managers over-commit themselves.  The Projects Summary forces you to be realistic about what's essential.  Be brutally honest about each project's time commitment.  The Summary shows how everyone depends on each other.

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