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How to Start

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.  — Mark Twain

Get started on what? Making a big decision

Progress takes decisions, and The Center is all about big cross-functional decisions.  Good decisions eliminate meetings, cuts email threads—and makes careers (Why Are Generalists So Valuable?)

Yes, learning this takes a little trial and error.  But as philosopher Mortimer Adler said, “You’re not learning anything if your head doesn’t hurt a little.”


One: Focus on a decision: the Decisions page

Look this page over and write down 1 big decision your team is facing right now.


Two:  Get your peers' perspective:  The Sectors page

The principles of management are universal, but applications vary by sector. It’s good to know how your peers might look at your decision.


Three:  See the 1 page to get everyone on:  The GMs Index (video)

The GMs Index puts on 1 screen all the standard terms, tools and practices of management.  Using the standard language open up communication and breaks down siloes.


Four:  Prepare for your kick-off meeting

  1. Pick the 2 or 3 most relevant terms from The GMs Index. This takes a little practice.
  2. Pick 1 or 2 of the Approved Resources (read our strict editorial guidelines)
  3. Draft the top 3 questions (see “3 Good Questions” in each term)
  4. Look for a Best Practices blog post for post-COVID updates (members)
  5. Share all this with your team when scheduling the kick-off


Five:  Kick off

Put The Index on a screen.  DO NOT start free-associating solutions before answering these questions.  This saves time by getting everyone aligned, clear and focused.

  1. What are we trying to decide (75 words max.)?
  2. Do we agree on the definitions? What’s in the Approved Resources?
  3. Who’s going to decide?
  4. Refine then discuss the top 3 questions
  5. Pick the right decision-making tools from The GMs Toolkit (members)

It’s amazing how just getting clarity and agreement on the decision and key ideas can make the solution appear.


Six:  Ask for help (

We don’t promise we’ve automated success.  Big decisions are complex; everyone’s situation is different.  We all need help. 

Call us for ideas.  Members are in Workgroups who know you.  The Center is a community of life-long learners of management with the knowledge, skills and maturity to help people collaborate and succeed.  Join us!

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