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Workgroups (chapters)

Nothing truly valuable can be achieved except by the unselfish cooperation of many individuals. - Einstein 

Unlike many association chapters, the Center’s workgroups don’t spend time on administrative or board stuff.  Instead, they work on projects to create best practices, which then get posted in our blogs, The GMs Index and in LinkedIn.  They have been recognized around the world.  We're a community of generous problem-solvers.

Workgroups are members-only, but prospective members are welcome to try them:  Contact the Center to learn about meetings near you.  Join.

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Typical activities

  • Develop Best Practices
  • Create “problem pairs” for off-line peer support
  • Clarify key management terms for The GMs Index
  • Create or test new 1-page tools for The GMs Toolkit
  • Provide pro bono work or mentoring
  • Enjoy social activities

Sessions and solutions

Our workgroups typically meet every other month for two hours.  A facilitator handles the scheduling and notes.  We try to use as little paper and email as possible.

We share solutions with blog posts or as briefings; a sample is at 2.6 Customer service.  We're proud to provide our member-contributors with the recognition they deserve.


"I've belonged to dozens of associations and spent hundreds of hours in committee meetings recruiting board and committee members.  The Center's small, facilitated Workgroups let us solve problems and share our collective experience in an immediately useful way." – Brian Wagner, Carex

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